Making Long-Term Conservation Profitable for U.S. Forest Owners

Forest Carbon Works is your dedicated carbon project partner, specializing in maximizing financial returns on conservation efforts for U.S. forestowners

Let us guide you through the complexities of carbon markets, ensuring your forest assets unlock their full potential while contributing to environmental stewardship. Our comprehensive program, Forest Carbon Works (FCW) Conserve, is managed by a team of forestry and carbon experts that handle everything from program design to premium-grade carbon credit sales. FCW is proudly owned by Chestnut Carbon, a nature-based carbon removal developer that operates high-quality U.S. afforestation carbon projects, restoring marginal land across the country to native forests.

A Partner You Can Trust

We distill the complex processes of carbon markets into a simple membership program, FCW Conserve, so landowners can access carbon markets for income while preserving the integrity and legacy of their land. Our program rewards forest owners for increasing and maintaining net carbon stocks in their privately-owned U.S. forests.

FCW Conserve Member Benefits:
  • Premium Annual Payments
  • Access to Forestry and Carbon Market Expertise
  • Harvest Flexibility
  • Base Offer Rate of $10 Per Acre/Year, Final Offer Pending Land Evaluation
  • Revenue-Share Option, Based on Acreage
Land Eligibility Requirements:
  • U.S. Based Forestland
  • Ownership of 40+ Acres of Forested Land
  • Privately Owned
  • Commercial Harvesting is Legally Allowed
  • Ownership of Timber Rights
  • Must Enroll All Eligible Forest Land

1. Evaluation of Project Potential
(financial and climate impact)
2. Project Development
(inventory, management, verification and registration)
3. Credit Market Access and Sales
4. Long-Term Monitoring and Reporting

Our team is ready to work with your land management team to advise you on the best course to program membership. Get started here or reach out to us at or 800.399.5246