Forester Referral Policy

Are you a forester who is referring a landowner for Membership with Forest Carbon Works? Please review our policy below to see how you may be rewarded for your referral.

Forest Carbon Works values the relationship-building opportunities brought to us by our consulting forester networks. We will recognize this value according to the following Referral Policy:

  • A $0.50 per acre Referral Payment will be awarded for each carbon project referred to Forest Carbon Works via forester relationships/client networks for the first 1000 acres (cumulative). 
  • After the first 1000 acres brought to Forest Carbon Works (cumulative), the Referral Payment will increase to $1 per acre.
  • The minimum acceptable acreage is 200 acres ($100 minimum payment)
  • The referred landowner and their ‘carbon project’ must meet the following requirements in order for a Referral Payment to be awarded:
    • The landowner has identified the Referrer by name when completing their online application on in the respective entry field. This must be confirmed by Forest Carbon Works prior to the landowner entering into a Membership Lease Agreement.
    • The landowner has entered into a Membership Lease Agreement with Forest Carbon Works.
    • The fully executed Membership Lease Agreement contains the name of the Referrer in Section or 9.1. If the Referrer’s name is absent in this section, no Referral Payments shall be made.
  • The Referral Payment will be made to a single Referrer; multiple Referrers are prohibited.
  • The Referral Payment per carbon project will be made in a single distribution (no installments on a single project).
  • The Referrer will be responsible for checking with Forest Carbon Works to ensure execution of the Member Lease Agreement. Forest Carbon Works will not provide notice of execution of Member Lease Agreement to the Referrer. 
  • The Referral Payment can be made upon execution of Member Lease Agreement. The Referrer must request the Referral Payment within sixty days of execution of Member Lease Agreement. 
  • For the Referrer who is a qualified forester, as determined in the sole discretion of Forest Carbon Works, the Referrer will be given the first opportunity to complete and be compensated for any forest inventory work that may be required in performance of the related Membership Lease Agreement, according to the inventory methodology that shall be prescribed by Forest Carbon Works.
  • The Referrer shall have access to Forest Carbon Works educational material.
  • The Referrer must create an account with Forest Carbon Works.

This policy may change from time to time, at the sole discretion of Forest Carbon Works, PBC, and without notice; where landowners have been referred to Forest Carbon Works, we will honor the policy that was in place at the time of Membership Lease Agreement.

Last update: September 7, 2022