Referral Program

Virtually anyone may be in position to refer a landowner to us – from consulting foresters and community members to friends and relatives. To encourage and reward those who connect landowners to Forest Carbon Works, we offer a referral commission of $3 for every new acre enrolled.  


  • $3 per acre is awarded for the referral of new members that enroll in our carbon program upon signing of our Forest Management Lease Agreement (FMLA).  
  • Referrers must be indicated on our program application or confirmed verbally or in writing by the landowner to their Forest Carbon Works Membership Advisor during the enrollment process, prior to signing of the FMLA.   
  • Referrers must respond to outreach from Forest Carbon Works within 14 days to referral payment information requests.   

Consulting Foresters: Sign up here as a referring forester and submit and track your client referrals!