Your forest is a land of opportunity.

Forest Carbon Works is a carbon project partner that shares our members’ values and rewards them with optimal annual payments, ensuring their lasting conservation and financial legacy.

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Through our Conserve Program, US forest owners capitalize on forest-based carbon markets to maximize their financial return on conservation.

Making conservation profitable

We unlock the financial potential of carbon markets so you can advance your long-term financial and conservation legacy. While carbon markets are complicated, we make profiting from them simple.

Conservation that makes sense

To allow for harvesting, we reserve 10% of the carbon in each of our members' standing forests from crediting over the duration of a 25-year (standard length) payment period.

Industry-leading payments and options

Our premium annual payments are made possible by proprietary forest inventory and monitoring technology, and the market-preferred forest management certifications we provide to members for free. Contract options let members benefit from future voluntary carbon credit price appreciation and choose the contract length that works best for them.

A partner you can trust

We apply our team’s collective 35+ years of carbon project experience to design and manage all aspects of the program, including reporting and selling premium-grade carbon credits earned from our members’ land.

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Meet The Lackeys.

"Our goal has always been to preserve our land's natural beauty for future generations. FCW's program makes it possible to maintain our forest while generating revenue from carbon storage."

—Richard and Suzanne Lackey, Forest Carbon Works Members

“The team’s expertise, dedication, and support have not only helped us maintain our forest’s ecological balance but the program allows us to create a meaningful and lasting legacy. This has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience — we highly recommend FCW to fellow landowners seeking a reliable and environmentally conscious partner who is in it for the long-term.” 


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