Turn your forest into your legacy.

We help landowners conserve their forests the right way, by not cutting corners. Ensuring their woodlands will be enjoyed, and inherited, by future generations.

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We'll help you broaden your revenues beyond timber and ensure stewardship makes as much sense to future generations as it does to you.

Conserve forests

Improve the ecological values of your forests. Increase your trees’ impact on greenhouse gases. Combat the effects of climate change.

Create a new revenue source

Diversify your revenues beyond timber. Turn your forest’s storage of carbon into a passive income stream.

Be recognized

Be recognized for your forest stewardship. Get official accreditation for your forest management role.

Plan for the future

Access valuable Membership benefits such as professional forestry assistance to enhance carbon storage and manage a healthier woodland.

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How We Help

We can take your green space out of the red.

We help private forest landowners get rewarded and recognized for their commitment to long-term storage of carbon in their forests through our exclusive Membership program.

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Why work with us

We make the process simple and sustainable.

Working with carbon markets is complicated and time-consuming. We handle the heavy lifting, so you can be confident that your legacy is set up the right way.

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Meet The Rowans.

“Caring for the land is my family’s legacy.”

—Bill and Ian Rowan, Forest Carbon Works Members

“For us, stewardship means keeping the forest healthy and maintaining our property for future generations. Our Membership allows us to cover stewardship costs, property taxes, and helps us share the beauty of this rare old-growth forest with other likeminded people.”

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We have your back

Trust your legacy to the experts.

Forest Carbon Works is a mission-driven organization committed to doing things the right way for the long-term legacy of your land.

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