Forest Certifications

Forest Carbon Works members planning to harvest first obtain Forest Stewardship CouncilⓇ (FSCⓇ) (FSCⓇ C180518) certification. Members not planning to harvest do not require certification. FSCⓇ certification signals to the market that harvest activities within our program adhere to rigorous stewardship and sustainability criteria which helps ensure we can pay members premium prices. The resources on this page highlight the criteria to which harvests must adhere. Forest Carbon Works covers all certification costs for members and ensures harvests are compliant.

Questions related to the resources below? Contact your Forest Carbon Works representative or contact us at one of the methods below:

Phone: 1 (800) 399-5246


FSC General Information

Member Responsibilities

*Forest Carbon Works staff will assist members to meet all responsibilities, including making amendments to existing management plans and assisting with the annual monitoring form.

FSC Certified Harvests

Harvests must be pre-approved by Forest Carbon Works and conducted in compliance with FSC guidelines.

Member Resources

Pesticide and Herbicide Use

Please note some highly hazardous pesticides are not permitted under our certifications. See the items below to learn more.

Additional Resources