How It Works

Learn more about prerequisites, responsibilities, and what it means to enroll as a Member of Forest Carbon Works.

Through Forest Carbon Works, long-term conservation pays for private forest landowners. We strive to make the eligibility and audit process as straightforward as possible so becoming a Member is simple.

Your land must meet specific criteria to be eligible for Membership with Forest Carbon Works. As a Member, you will be responsible for maintaining the health of your forest and keeping in touch with us about changes to your forest or ownership.

List of requirements

What are the prerequisites for my forest?

To qualify for Membership with Forest Carbon Works, certain criteria must be met, such as enrolling all forestland that’s part of your ownership and be willing to adjust and/or limit harvesting.

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What does it take to apply for Membership?

To determine whether your forest is eligible for Membership with Forest Carbon Works, we’ll walk you through a few steps including submitting an application about your forest and signing a Non-binding Exploratory Agreement so we can evaluate eligibility on your behalf. Once evaluated and it’s clear your forest is qualified, you’ll receive a Membership Offer which includes your annual payment.

How the eligibility process works

What are my responsibilities as a Member of Forest Carbon Works?

Once you agree to Membership, your responsibilities include maintaining your forest and communicating with us at least once annually through an online report. You will also be responsible for communicating with us in the event of a planned harvest, if there is a natural disturbance which affects your forest, or if there is a change in ownership. 

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How much can I get paid?

Forest Carbon Works helps Members diversify their forest revenues beyond timber, receiving payments every year as long as they follow certain guidelines.

All eligible forests will receive a minimum Membership Offer of $200/acre over a 25-year Payment Period. Some landowners may receive a higher Membership Offer if they have larger, particularly well-stocked forests. 

How does a carbon project enhance the legacy of your forest?

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