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From the New York Times

“We’re fully supportive. … We’re advocates of innovation. We think it’s extremely important in the carbon market.”

— Jessica Orrego, director of forestry for the American Carbon Registry
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From Yale Climate Connections

“The average forest in the U.S. sequesters at least two to two-and-a-half tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per acre per year. So if we’re promoting forests, we’re promoting clean air, and we’re mitigating the effects of climate change.”

— Kyle Holland, CEO of Forest Carbon Works
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From the Star Tribune

“What has changed recently is the ability for the programs to be available to very small land owners … 40 acres at the family cabin. That's where a company like Forest Carbon Works is really excelling.”

— Matt Russell, associate professor at the University of Minnesota
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From Business Wire

“Forest Carbon Works technology enables me to monetize the carbon stored by my forest to generate revenue while doing something good for the environment to address climate change.”

— Jon Stewart, landowner
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Landowner Jon Stewart
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From the Wall Street Journal

“We have the opportunity to make conservation a source of income generation and that's really unique.”

— Ben Dell, managing partner at Kimmeridge
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