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Learn more about the requirements and responsibilities of a forest carbon project, and what to expect when you apply to become a member of Forest Carbon Works.

Forest Carbon Works makes carbon projects accessible and affordable for small landowners, and our goal is to make the eligibility and audit process as simple as possible.

Your land must meet specific criteria to be eligible for a project, and as a landowner, you will be responsible for maintaining required standards.

List of requirements

What are the requirements for my land?

To qualify for a forest carbon project, you must meet criteria including enrolling all forestland that’s part of your ownership, and being willing to adjust and/or limit harvesting.

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Forester discussing requirements with landowner

What are my responsibilities as a landowner?

Once a project is underway, your responsibilities as a landowner include ongoing monitoring and agreements, such as not using broadcast fertilization.

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How much can I get paid?

Forest Carbon Works helps landowners diversify their forest revenues beyond timber, receiving payments every year as long as they follow certain guidelines.

Payments vary based on a variety of factors, which are all different for each property. Some of these factors include property size, tree density on a per-acre basis, average size of trees based on diameter and height, and forest health.

These factors are measured during the free carbon inventory carried out by our Forest Technicians. The results of the inventory determine the annual payment for each landowner. Generally, viable projects range from $20 per acre per year to $100+ per acre per year.

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What does it take to apply and start a project?

To determine whether a project can work on your land, we’ll walk you through a few steps including submitting data about your forest and a free carbon inventory of your land.

How the application process works

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