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Learn more about the requirements and responsibilities of a forest carbon project, and what to expect when you apply to work with us.

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Of all the ‘isms’ surrounding land management, you’re focused on one — pragmatism.

You’re not chaining yourself to trees, but you are tying yourself to their future. You don’t worry about the left or the right, just doing what’s right to preserve what’s left.

You know you don’t have to preserve every tree to save them all.

While everyone is arguing about what’s best, you’re busy doing something good. For the planet, and especially your slice of it.

Because your land is more than where you live or hunt or hike. It’s where you’ve put down roots of your own. After all your land has given you, you want to ensure it has plenty left for the next generation. And the next. And the next.

But sustainability isn’t easy.

Taxes don’t pay themselves, and the offers from developers or loggers can be enticing when they’re the only options.

Now there’s a better one, a way to get the most out of your trees by taking advantage of what Mother Nature puts into them: carbon.

Forest Carbon Works can help. We’ll navigate the carbon credit market for you, so you earn a passive income for actively preserving — and enjoying — your land.

You’re more than a landowner. You’re a caretaker. A protector. A steward.

You’re a Green-Collar Conservationist.

Get Started How it Works
Grow value with the carbon market

We'll help you broaden your revenues beyond timber and cultivate your forest's ecological value.

Conserve forests

Improve the ecological values of your forests. Increase your trees’ impact on greenhouse gases. Combat the effects of climate change.

Create a new revenue source

Diversify your revenues beyond timber. Turn your forest’s storage of carbon into a passive income stream.

Be recognized

Be recognized for your forest stewardship. Get official accreditation for your forest management role.

Plan for the future

Gain access to qualified estate planning services. Prepare responsibly for your loved ones’ future and the legacy of your family forest.

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How We Help

A fast track to the carbon market

We work to remove obstacles to forest carbon projects, allow smaller landowners to access the market, and enable ventures that would not be possible without our services.

Learn more about forest carbon
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Why work with us

We make projects accessible and affordable

We handle the complex rules of forest carbon projects and simplify the application process. Our carbon inventory is free for those eligible, making projects affordable for smaller landowners.

How to get started
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Meet The Stewarts

Forest Carbon Works enables me to harness the power of the forest our family has owned since 1892.

— Jon Stewart, Forest Carbon Works Member

Instead of selling timber, landowners Jonathan and Janice Stewart sell the carbon from their family woodlands. They have started to receive annual payments of nearly $10,000 for their 120-acre forest east of Portland, Oregon.

Owned by their family since the late 1800s, the forest has been maintained primarily for conservation, recreation, and passive timber management. The Stewart family can now add carbon sequestration as an official activity for their family forest!

Read Their Story
Landowner Jon Stewart
How it works

Forest Carbon Works makes it simple.

Create an account and take the screening quiz

Sign up to work with us! We’ll ask a few basic questions to see if you qualify for a forest carbon project.

If you qualify, apply online

We’ll collect more information about your forest land, including current uses and legal details.

Assess your land with a free carbon inventory

We’ll send a forest technician to do an inventory of your land and see whether a project is viable.

Analyze the results and officially enroll

If the land inventory shows a project is viable, you can enroll as a Forest Carbon Works member.

Build a project and get paid

We’ll handle all the paperwork and arrange a third-party audit so you can start receiving payments for your carbon.

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We have your back

Our team is here to help you get paid for forest carbon.

It’s our mission to help family forest owners earn revenue from carbon projects, and to make the process as simple as possible for you.

Meet The Team
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Take the qualification quiz to see if a project could work on your land.

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