Forest Carbon Works Management Team

Chief Executive Officer

Kyle Holland, PhD

As the founder of Forest Carbon Works, Kyle has over 15 years’ experience working in forest carbon, is a Registered Professional Forester, Certified Forester and holds a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley.  In his prior capacity at EP Carbon, he contributed to more than 45 carbon projects and authored multiple accounting methodologies under the Verified Carbon Standard. Dr. Holland is a well-recognized expert in forest carbon and serves on multiple working groups.

Chief Operating Officer

Toby Schneider

Toby has a diverse background working in various sectors to include startups, Fortune 50, mission driven organization as well as being a former Naval Officer. His skillset blends data driven decision making with a collaborative-inspired leadership style that has contributed to the effective scaling of multiple businesses and organizations. As COO, Toby leads all business-wide and inter-team processes and operations and is deeply committed to building a strong inclusive culture which resonates with the team, landowners, vendors and partners. Toby holds an MBA from the Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University and an International MBA from the Queen’s School of Business in Ontario, Canada.

Chief Customer Officer

Mary Kallock

As co-founder of Forest Carbon Works and former Analyst at EP Carbon, Mary’s experience in carbon project design and development is validated by her contributions to more than 15 forest carbon projects developed globally under VCS, CCB, and CARB. Her insights on project design, process efficiencies, marketing, and messaging have been fundamental in enhancing the landowner experience and growing the FCW brand. Thriving on relationship building and collaboration, Mary has had a strong influence on FCW’s culture and mission. Mary leads an enthusiastic and dynamic team whose objective is to familiarize forest landowners with the basics of carbon, help assess project feasibility of woodlands, and guide landowners throughout the lifetime of their Memberships. Mary holds a BS in Environmental Science and French from the University of San Francisco.

Chief Forestry Officer

Sarah Ford

Sarah Ford leads the Natural Resources division at Forest Carbon Works which includes field team activities, verification support, afforestation efforts, and landowner and partner outreach. She began her time at Forest Carbon Works in 2018 as a Forest Technician and transitioned to Regional Forester before her current role as Chief Forestry Officer. Prior to Forest Carbon Works, Sarah was a consulting forester for Butternut Mountain Farm in northern Vermont, managing private forest lands for the Vermont forest tax program and assisting with the company sugaring operations. She holds a Masters in Forestry and Natural Resources from the University of Vermont.

Chief Commercialization Officer

Chris McLaren

Chris helps lead Forest Carbon Works’ development and commercialization of carbon projects serving US smallholders, and helps lead the development of FCW’s other nature-based solutions for the carbon offset market. Prior to joining FCW, Chris led Forest Stewardship Council US’s marketing and business development efforts. In past roles, Chris led US marketing and sales at Aimia, a leading global loyalty marketing solutions provider; at Wunderman, a WPP agency, providing strategic services to Best Buy and Coca-Cola; at Gage, serving Fortune 500 clients including Microsoft, Walmart, Dell, and 3M; and at Target, providing marketing strategy and management consulting services. Chris holds Bachelor’s Degrees in English and Graphic Design from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MBA from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management.

Data Services Director

Bobby Huffman

Bobby leads Data Services, Forest Carbon Works’ division dedicated to the collection and processing of forest data for analysis and the development of the software used. With a background in engineering and IT leadership, he co-invented and developed the processes for the Certified Electronic Diploma® at Paradigm, Inc. He has a passion for developing streamlined solutions to assist or automate manual processes and fostering the growth of those around him. Bobby holds a BS in Psychology from Old Dominion University.