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Randall and Kimberly Zimmerman

12 allocated plots within 129 forested acres in patches across property. Between patches are fields, ponds, and a portion resides on the west side of Cedardale Rd. Property is just outside of Paynesville, MN and East of Lake Koronis.

Onsite camping or lodging accomodations

We have plenty of camping space and portable outhouse that we service. 4 outhouses at this time.

Distance between plots


Parking Instructions

Probably up the blacktop driveway to our home.

Safety Notes

No safety notes. I often have to removed trees that have fallen over the trails. Don't be sitting under a widowmaker during a wind storm. Once I was working in the woods on a fairly calm day and a 3 foot diameter oak tree fell about 50 meters away.

Okay to bring a companion or dog?


Landowner's cruise scheduling preferences

I have Thursdays off, so Thursdays are best for me. Otherwise, my wife Kimberly "Molly" is usually home. Don't come during deer hunting season. 9 days in November.

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$22.00 per successfully completed plot

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