What does it take to apply and start a project?

Learn how we determine whether a forest carbon project can work on your land.

How long will it take?

The entire application process may take 12 months from the start of the screening period, depending on when you apply and how many other projects are already in development.

Throughout each step, our team will answer any questions and keep you updated on the expected timeline.


What will it cost me?

Membership in Forest Carbon Works does not impose any required fees. There are no annual maintenance fees or renewal fees.

What are the steps?

Create an account and take the first screening quiz

When you first sign up to explore a project, we’ll ask a few basic questions to see if a project is possible. If you don’t pass the first screening, we’ll still be in touch — your land may become eligible in the future.

Enter forest information to see if your land is eligible

We’ll ask for detailed information and supporting documents to understand the opportunities and challenges with your land, including forest management and legal status.

You will be asked to provide the following property information:

When you submit your forest data, you will be asked to pay an application fee of $75.

Within three weeks, we’ll review your information and let you know whether your project is eligible for the next step.

Assess your land with a free carbon inventory by a forest technician

We’ll send a Forest Technician to evaluate your land using our proprietary smartphone inventory tool. With this tool, our trained forest technicians take photos and gather tree measurements to calculate the carbon in the forest — and the annual payment you can receive.

The technician will work with you to arrange working on your land for 2–5 days, and you’re welcome to join the technician and participate in the inventory as much or as little as you wish. At the very least, we need permission and access to the property, as well as notice of any difficult terrain (e.g., rivers, streams, steep slopes) or safety concerns (e.g., hunting activity, wildlife, other risks).

After the inventory has been completed, the information collected will be processed and analyzed. This process can take 3-4 months.

During this time, your assigned Membership Specialist will be providing you with education materials and be there to answer your questions. 

Once the inventory data has been analyzed, we will be in touch to discuss the viability of your project.

Receive offer and officially enroll

We’re ready to move forward! If your project is viable, you will receive an offer to enroll as a member of Forest Carbon Works, including the amount of annual revenue you will receive for the first six-year contract period.

We’ll review the Membership Agreement with you, and you can accept or reject the offer within two weeks. You will also need to complete and sign a Designation of Authorization, which gives Forest Carbon Works the permission to act concerning the project on your property.

At this time, you will need to create an account with the compliance body. We will help to guide you through this process. Once completed, you will receive a down payment on your first annual membership payment.

Verify the project and get paid

To participate in the carbon market, you’ll need to sign up with a third-party certification auditor, which our team can assist with. This third-party auditor will reach out to schedule a verification visit to your property.

The audit may take 9–12 months to be carried out.

Once this audit is complete, the carbon credits will be issued for your land. You’ll receive the remainder of your first annual payment, and depending on timing, the entirety of your second annual payment. These payments will continue to arrive annually, and you’ll have the option to renew your contract with Forest Carbon Works after the first six years.

What if…?

Wondering about your application status or when you can start the next step? Here are some common questions about the application process:


Why is my application taking so long to process?

We aim to process applications within 1 week. This may sometimes take longer if there is an influx of applications. If this is the case, thank you for your patience. Additionally, it may be likely that our messages are ending up in your email’s spam box. We recommend checking there first. If there are no messages in your spam box, please contact the Forest Carbon Works representative who is assigned to you or email us at inquire@forestcarbonworks.org. We appreciate your patience!


What is the next step if I’m approved?

If your application has been accepted and you have submitted your enrollment material, congratulations — your property is eligible for a forest carbon project under Forest Carbon Works! You will now be placed in the development queue.

When we have at least 2,500 acres of accepted applicants in your region, we will station a Forest Technician in your area. They will travel to your property and complete a carbon inventory using our smartphone inventory tool. This inventory is free of charge for all accepted applicants.


If I’m accepted, will you enroll me automatically?

Landowners are not automatically enrolled in Forest Carbon Works. If your application is accepted, you can choose to not continue with membership for any reason — for example, if you determine that your offer is below expectation, or you do not want to make the commitments.


Can I get a refund on my $75 application fee?

The $75 application fee is a one-time payment that is not refundable, regardless of whether or not a forest carbon project could be developed on the property after our analysis.

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