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John and Kandis Capwell

12 allocated plots within mature more open forest of 70 acres. Valley Vista Dr runs through the property along with small creek on east side running N-S. Nearest town with services is Wyalusing, PA.

Onsite camping or lodging accomodations

Lodging is unavailable

Distance between plots


Parking Instructions

Parking may not be directly in front of the gate since gas company or emergency vehicles may need access to the property. No litter may be left behind.

Safety Notes

My hope is that I will be present and we can enter together. Otherwise outside the gate.

Okay to bring a companion or dog?

Yes as long as any animal is unlikely to chase wildlife.

Landowner's cruise scheduling preferences

Rifle, deer season, muzzle load deer season, turkey season would not be good times to be in this woodland. July 3,4,5 are unacceptable dates as are Pennsylvania Deer hunting and turkey seasons

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$20.00 per successfully completed plot

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